FAMS is a dedicated service and product supplier, always striving to meet the needs of the client, to provide optimum solutions. We are committed to the design, manufacture and delivery of the perfect solution tailored to client requirements.

By providing an integrated fuel infrastructure solution, FAMS eases the procurement and shipping process, by providing a central platform for all fuel related products and services.

With innovative technology, integrated fuel infrastructure, service of the highest quality and proudly African – the choice is obvious – FAMS.

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Fuel Management Systems

With the ever-increasing price of fuel, can you afford not to manage it effectively?

The FAMS fluid dispensing system combines all the fuel and lube dispensing parameters to produce a complete and integration fluid management solution.

Automatic Tank Gauging (tank level management)

Never run out of fuel with real-time tank data.

With the FAMS level management solution (automatic tank gauging), wet stock management is perfected with tank gauging accuracy, repeatability and reduced human intervention.


Fuel Trailers

High quality, SABS approved fuel trailers with assisted braking and micro dotting.

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

We supply the latest state of the art self bunded fuel and lubricant storage tanks. There are several design and size options available, depending on client requirements.

Diesel Tanks

High quality compliant solutions.

FAMS offers a variety of aboveground diesel storage tanks for all your storage requirements.

Kingspan Diesel Storage and Dispensing Solution

FAMS is a recognized distributor of Kingspan in South Africa. Kingspan has Intelligent tank monitoring systems and lightweight, robust, portable tanks to suit all agricultural, construction, mining and transportation requirements.

Filtration solutions

For superior filtration solutions, contact FAMS!

iCerMax™ offers a broad range of primary, secondary and final filtration systems for bulk tanks as well as onboard units, utilizing the benefit of iSo-SpecSure™ & iAquaMax ™ filtration technology.

Donaldson is an Industry Leader. We collaborate with clients to solve filtration challenges. Donaldson provides breakthrough technologies and product designs.


Pump kits

A variety of pump kits for all your dispensing requirements.


Piusi pumps, flow meters, dispensing instruments. Piusi provides professional, easy-to-use and performant fluid handling equipment.

FAMS Data Management Platforms

The central platforms from where any person in an organization can view current and historical data around the world. This includes the FAMS web portal, FAMS mobile App (IOS and Android compatible) and reporting services.