Who We Are

Over 30 years of excellence.

Tecmo is a passionate company committed to delivering goal oriented products and solutions that deliver fast results to clients. Experts in design, geniuses in user experience; our aim is to develop products and solutions that make our users do more of what we want them to do. Nothing more and nothing less.

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Products and Services


M-System offers a wide range of instrumentation / automation components used for process, factory and building automation, from the field level up to the control room level. Tecmo is the sole M-system distributor in Africa. We are your supply partner for the interfacing applications of analog/ discrete signals, communication networks and intelligence systems.

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FAMS, your one-stop fuel infrastructure solution. We help store, pump, filtrate, manage and control your liquid assets. (Fuel, diesel, petrol, lubes and oils).

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Software Development

Tecmo is skilled with software development expertise, creating visually stunning user experiences, seamless, secure communication and more.

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Specialists in software development, product development and project management, Tecmo is a trusted advisor that will help you achieve your desired outcome.

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GSM Communication

Optimize remote support with Global System for Mobile Communication.

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System Development

Tecmo has developed specialized products for several years that are currently being used in various markets in South Africa and the rest of the world.

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Nurse Call Systems

We understand the responsibilities of nursing staff in hospitals, retirement centre and clinics in South Africa. That’s why we offer an integrated solution that provides first-class remote control and support with easy fault finding and reduced maintenance. With scheduled reporting and instant communication, our solutions are optimized.

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