Nurse Call

Tecmo is part of the CSDTecmo group of companies, which includes the manufacturer, Cybernetic Software Development and medical technology systems company, Ayin Frail Care Solutions.

Ayin Frail Care Solutions supplies an assortment of services, all integrated to help you simplify your caring requirements. With exceptional technology and high quality, AYIN is technology caring for you

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Nurse Call Systems

Supply and installation of wired/ wireless Nurse Call Systems with call, Ecall and Code Blue function.

CCTV Systems

Supply, installation and maintain of CCTV Systems.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring and Reporting Systems with alarm indicators for medical fridges.

Fire Detection Systems

Installation and yearly services of Fire Detection Systems and Fire Extinguisher Services.


Supply and installation of TVs, TV brackets, earphones and audio extension cables.

Track/ trace Devices

Track/ trace hand-held device, installed diagnostics.

Hygienic Monitoring

Effective Hygienic Monitoring.