M-System offers a wide range of instrumentation / automation components used for process, factory and building automation, from the field level up to the control room level. We are your supply partner for the interfacing applications of analog/discrete signals, communication networks and intelligence systems.

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Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners convert a field signal from various sensors into standard signal suitable for processing in PLC, DCS or PC-based systems. They are also used to boost a signal to increase load drive capability, to isolate a signal to stop ground loops.

More than 75000 combinations of process signal I/O, power input and mounting configuration are selectable. Additionally, M-System offers the broadest line of signal splitters available.

Limit Alarms

Fail-safe and non-failsafe alarms are available from DIN-rail mount devices to front-of-panel displays offering up to four contact relays. These alarms feature digital setpoint controls, delay timers, and universal inputs. M-System alarm series are used from simple on/off pump control to back-up alarm systems in the event of a PLC/DCS failure.

Power Transducers

Wide range of power measuring transducers including AC volts, AC current, power factor, watts, vars and phase angles measurements. Multi power monitor has output options Modbus, Ao and Do.


Gateway, Remote I/O

M-System has recently been developing network products that meet the end-user’s need for Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, DeviceNet, CC-Link, LONWORKS, MECHATROLINK, T-Link, FL-net, HLS, and FLEX NETWORK I/O devices. Working with open-architecture networks, these products easily communicate to today’s most popular HMI software packages and DCS/PLCs.

Paperless Recording System

PID Control Components

Lightning Surge Protectors

M-RESTER Lightning Surge Protectors absorb only the lightning surges with no interruption of the instrumentation signal.

M-System lightning surge protection devices are designed for the rugged industrial environment. Products range from the standard factory floor signals such as 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD and strain gauge to filtering and protecting the AC Power in instrument panels.

PC Recorder

Remote Data Acquisition Hardware and Software

M-System’s PC Recorder Series provides a low cost industrial grade data acquisition system using free combinations of remote I/O hardware and monitoring/recording software.

BA & Energy Monitoring Components