GSM Communication


In today’s age, if a company cannot provide remote support, the cost to drive out to site is unsustainable.

In 2005, Tecmo created a private network with MTN. This is referred to as an APN. Thus, Tecmo has its own network within MTN.

Each device receives a specific allocated sim card with an IP address. As a result, this device can be accessed as if the device was on the client network.

This gives Tecmo an enormous advantage over competitors, since Tecmo can provide remote support should a breakdown occur.


Remote support

Since 2016, Tecmo is involved with projects across Africa. Based on the knowledge and experience from previous projects, remote support provides an edge over competitors.

Consequently, if Tecmo cannot provide remote support, the projects will fail. Cross board GSM communications are too expensive and Tecmo had to provide an alternative solution such as VPN support, Virtual machine in the cloud or on-site and remote desktop etc.

As a result, Tecmo managed to think outside the box and created alternative solutions for all the different remote support requirements.