Throughout the years, Tecmo has been involved with many projects and services across South Africa and Africa.

Consequently, Tecmo acquired a vast range of knowledge and experience. As such, Tecmo transformed this knowledge and experience into a tangible asset by providing support and consultations to other companies and clients.

Typical examples of consulting areas:

Software development

  • Tecmo has developed more than 10 software applications and packages for various clients such as Sasol, CBI and Eskom etc.

  • Tecmo provides support from the design phase up to the hosting phase. The entire software lifecycle.

  • Design, development, database designs and hosting etc.

  • Using this knowledge, Tecmo can assist the client with accurate software development, hosting environment, database designs or specific aspects per client requirement.

Product development

  • CSD has developed more than 50 products. From the design phase up until manufacturing, the complete product development.

  • Design, manufacturing, production, client support and manuals etc.

  • Using this knowledge, CSD can assist the client with the entire product development process or only certain levels of the process. Additionally, CSD can manufacture the product for clients on request.

Project management

  • Tecmo has been involved in many projects and has acquired the skill to understand what project management entails.

  • Tecmo has been involved with project such as:

    • Sasol’s stack emissions
    • Sasol’s weather stations
    • Sasol’s energy logger’s upgrade process
    • Fuel management project – Mumi mine